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Sierra Leone Interpreting Services

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Our company offers professional and high quality business Interpreting services in Sierra Leone. We also accommodate other major cities in the country like Freetown, Makeni, Bo, Kabala, Kambia and many others .It’s important to have interpreting services into various languages so as to reach a wider market.

At Translate 4 Africa, we provide professional and accurate interpretations for all forms of Interpreting for your business. We have a team of over 3000 translators with many specialties. Our interpreters have a wider knowledge in the business world, which makes them qualified enough to do the interpretation.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

We offer professional simultaneous interpreting services to thousands of businesses. Simultaneous interpreting occurs when the interpreters sit in small sound isolation booths in the back of the conference room or in a remote setting and listen to the conference proceedings on headsets while simultaneously interpreting into a microphone. The interpretation is broadcast via a wireless system to the delegates who listen on small receivers with earphones. The receivers are multi-channel so the delegates can select the channel that corresponds to the language they wish to hear. interpreting Translate 4 Africa

Sierra Leone Interpreting Services

Realistic Interpreting Services

Our interpreting services are trusted by many agencies within the country and the world at large. We have been providing interpreting services for so long and our interpreting experience is unmatched. We guarantee reliable services due to our native interpreters who are well versed with the language. Our interpreting services cover all the main languages spoken in Sierra Leone like English, Krio, Mende, Temne and many others

Interpreting Services

We offer a wide range of interpreting services in Sierra Leone including;

·         Court interpreting services

·         Business interpreting services

·         Government interpreting services

·         Medical interpreting services
·         Legal interpreting services
·         Immigration interpreting services

·         Conference interpreting services

·         Face-face interpreting services

·         Police interpreting services

·         Consecutive interpreting services

·         Sign language interpreting services

·         Simultaneous interpreting services

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