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Interpreting Services

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At Translate 4 Africa, we provide high quality interpreting services in Africa. The need for professional interpreting services is growing by leaps and bounds. Our translation agency provides accurate and professional interpreting services in all African countries. Our services cover virtually all the African languages at competitive prices. Interpreting services play a vital role in many areas such as conferences and meetings, courts of law, medical fields, media, schools as well as in the sign language field.

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Chuchotage or Whispered interpreting

In Whispered Interpreting the interpreter translates at the same time as the speaker and does not require any special equipment.  This kind of interpreting is suitable for very small groups (e.g. Factory Tours), but is, however, no substitute for simultaneous interpreting as the original speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time.  This can lead to some unavoidable disturbance.  As whispered interpreting requires as much, if not more, concentration as simultaneous interpreting, it is necessary to have two interpreters.

Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting

The Interpreter sits in a soundproof room and translates as the speaker speaks.  Simultaneous translation should be used for larger events, conferences, involving two or more languages, as well as at congresses where a time delay could cause problems.  As this kind of translating requires high levels of concentration it is necessary that the interpreter is replaced after approximately 20 minutes.  This means that an appropriate number of interpreters must be available to carry out an assignment.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means a translation is provided shortly after the original text and is appropriate for shorter speeches and addresses (e.g. dinner speeches) or for negotiations, in which the presence of a translator can be especially valuable.  When using consecutive interpreting the length of an event can be double as long per language as with simultaneous interpreting.

Credible African interpreting services

Our interpreting services are trusted by many agencies within Africa and the world at large. We have been providing interpreting services for over 15 years. Our interpreting services cover all the main languages spoken in Africa like Sotho. Our services are reliable and competitively priced.

Our interpreting services fields

We offer a wide range of interpreting services in Africa including;

  • Court interpreting services
  • Government interpreting services
  • Medical interpreting services
  • Business interpreting services
  • Legal interpreting services
  • Conference interpreting services
  • Immigration interpreting services
  • Police interpreting services
  • Face-face interpreting services
  • Sign language interpreting services
  • Simultaneous interpreting services
  • Consecutive interpreting services
Our interpreting Services are available in all African countries including;

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