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Localization is the process in which a product or a service is so changed that it adapts to the specific international market or an international language or international culture. It is the ability to change itself according to the look and feel which matches the local market. A successful localized product is one which you cannot tell apart from the…

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How professional can marketing translation and localization be done?

Majority of companies exploit the chance to take their business across borders with excitement! Unaware of the fact that they’re about to join the infamous rank of international marketing fails. They think they’re taking along plenty of hard-earned know-how from home. But sometimes this all pales in comparison to a few little mix-ups when it comes to language. Borders might…

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Website localization most effective points not to miss

Do you have an urge to expand your brand’s global markets? Website translation is one step not to miss. However, having your website content translated may not achieve you much. That is why it’s vital for you to go past just translation to website localization. Localization is vital to your business’ success. How! Localizing your website ensures that your content…

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